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Whew! Nice job compiling everything Zee!

I would have added a few more animations, but unfortunately the timing of the collab collided with school...

Anyway, this is great! It was nice to animate after neglecting Flash for a long time.

Zeebra responds:

Thanks shinsu, you should't neglect your animating it can become your livelyhood. I really enjoyed watching how you work through your rough animations to get to your finished product. Nice work

Pretty interesting.

It's a great concept, but doesn't work too well. Some parts look like they're scripted, only the descriptions refrains me from believing so.

Some parts are pretty funny, but I reckon all the voice actors should have voiced one animation, not all on different ones. This way, the audience can see how each voice actor thinks when he sees the animation without voices.


Great animation, unique humour and very entertaining!

What I have to ask is this... can you fortell the future?
Julia Gillard owned Kevin Rudd and became Prime Minister...

Anyway, legendary stuff right here man. Legendary.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes. yes i can.

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The first thing I noticed were the animation and art style - They're just so EPIC!
The game-play is not too shabby itself, I also used to make flash games like these... However, yours is much better :P

I'm honored to have my music used in a game like this, haha :)



Kwing responds:


Congratulations on finishing!

Hey, it's ShinsukeIto here!

Firstly, just wanted to congratulate you on finishing the game, I think I know how hard you've been working at it this whole time.

Firstly I'll mentions the pros:
Leaderboards - I thought they were really awesome, gives it more of a multiplayer feel.
Variety - I feel the variety included in the game was great, such as the different levels, customisation and unlockables.
Cutscenes - Light humour, and pretty well presented.
Medals + Unlockables - These made the game a lot less bland.
Music - Nice picks, made the game way more enjoyable... except for Comatose City, I thought that did not match. Man I loved that chicken song.
Sunshine Plains - That was so fun going so fast... until the flying part.

Now for some cons:
Bugs - Some minor control and boundary issues
Difficulty curve - Well actually, it's more like the lack of a difficulty curve and in its place, lots of spikes. Some levels I flew by, others I had to retry like a bajillion times.
Flying - God, I thought that was annoying. Good variety idea, but not implemented well.

Well, I think I covered most of it... Anyway great game, maybe with a few improvements here and there, it'd be sweet as.

btw, I'm currently 92% on The Parliament so I might not have fully experienced the game. But seriously, this level is impossible.

Psychofig responds:

Thank you for the review. The Parliament is very hard, and if you have trouble passing it, well think, there is a medal for passing it without losing health! Yikes.

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I really enjoyed the way you told that story. I couldn't particularly relate to the subject matter, but the characters felt very tangible.

I wasn't a huge fan of the time skips, but it served the narrative flow well. You managed to flesh out the relationships between the characters nicely (I especially enjoyed the part about the paused vortex queen and Ferris' alternate voice) and I felt like it could have lead to some climactic scene between Sam, Kyle, and Ferris.

Great exercise in writing!

Kwing responds:

It's interesting you say it was hard to relate, because I actually wrote the theme around a subject I thought would be easier for the average person to digest. The underlying "point" of the story is about someone who belongs to a minority group that doesn't feel connected to other people even within that same minority. Homosexuality was really just an arbitrary costume that the story put on to carry that idea.

The time skips were mainly a product of revealing information when it became relevant. It's pretty common for me to get frustrated in the exposition of short stories because I don't see why a lot of the information is useful, so I wanted to take a greedy algorithm-esque approach and wait until the reader had a reason to understand something before delving into it. This is the only story I've written that has such an erratic style, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Sam and Ferris meeting is something I never considered at all. Even though Kyle alludes to it in the beginning, it never made sense to introduce them to each other, mainly because I never imagined Kyle and Ferris ever being close enough for the latter to get acquainted with his family.

This is fire!

Kwing responds:

Thanks! You might like the game I did this for as well, since it's partly a rhythm game.

smokey in da house with bass

TheShamaniac responds:

g is the dopest lyricist

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